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Come Make Wine.. at The Fine Vine

​In December 2018 The Fine Vine became Central Alberta's first licensed
What does this mean ?
Now you can have your wine produced in store .  All you have to do is mix in the yeast with ingredients on day 1.  For the next 5-8 weeks our vintner will carefully take care of production.  Rack wines, take readings, and filter with a 10 pad commercial winery filter all in a temperature controlled environment !
Once filtered you will be called to set up your bottling appointment.  On your bottling date you will enjoy using our vacuum bottle fillers,  Automatic corkers, and shrink/label machine.  You can easily bottle your 28-30 bottles of wine in 20 minutes.
Please note: We are a Licensed facility - 18+ Only for In-Store Winemaking Experience
Step 1


Stir ingredients and sprinkle yeast


IMG_7301 (002).JPG
Step 2
Let us take care of all production including filtering.


IMG_7302 (002).JPG
Step 3


Come in to bottle your 28-30 bottles using our professional equipment !
Average customer will package 30 bottles in approx. 15 minutes.


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